Top 5 features for your Trade Counter

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Top 5 features for your Trade Counter


  • Haggle– In a competitive trading world, the ability to haggle a sale is an important feature to ensure that the opportunity to make a sale is never missed. The haggle feature provides the appropriate information to ensure the product prices are never dropped too low.
  • Charge to account– Customer accounts are completely synchronised with the till so that you are able to charge the transaction to the customers account. Due to the accounts being synchronised, information such as the customers account balance and the account terms are picked up on the till.
  • Stock re-order– In a busy trade counter setting it is important to never run out of stock. With this Trade Counter Software, the stock re-order module will use minimum and maximum stock figures to suggest purchase order quantities. This will therefore ensure that you never run too low on stock.
  • Customer specific prices– With both trade and retail customers, it is important that your Trade Counter Software has the ability to create and use customer specific pricing. This will allow you to create different price lists per customer or per type of customer.
  • Automatic processes– To reduce business administration within your Trade Counter, there are a series of automatic processes that can be set to run to remove the requirement to do the processes manually. A full VAT invoice can be set to email directly to the account customer, after the transaction. A bespoke delivery note can also be set to print out automatically from the till.

To find out more about the Trade Counter Software we provide visit our page here.

Our challenges for charity

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Charity Blog


The team at SBS EPOS are never shy of taking on a challenge and the upcoming couple of months are going to prove that. 4 staff members are set to undertake a series of challenges all to raise money for their respective charities.

On Friday the 2nd of March, Business Director, Dave, will be participating in the Big London Night Walk,  walking 13 miles to raise money for the Big Issue. Dave, will be travelling up to London and starting the 13 mile walk with thousands of other members of the public, with the walk expected to finish around 2-3 in the morning!

Support Manager, Steve Wadey, will be doing a 10k run to raise money for The Joe Glover Trust on the 22nd of April. Steve started running in November, with the aim of losing some weight, but has quickly found a love for running and is now in training for his 10k challenge.

Hayley Stevens from the Marketing Department and James Foster from Technical Support will both be walking 10,000 steps every day in March to raise money for Cancer Research. As members of staff who spend most of their day at their desk, they are both sure there is going to be plenty of pacing around the office perimeters to reach the 10,000!

To view everyone’s story and see the reason why the team at SBS EPOS are getting involved check out each team members page.

Dave’s 13 mile walk.

Steve’s 10k run.

Hayley’s 10,000 steps

James’ 10,000 steps

Como Loyalty

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Como Loyalty

Our latest integration is with Como Loyalty, a personalised loyalty application to integrate seamlessly with your EPOS software. Como has a number of features that will increase customer return and therefore increase customer revenue.

  • Customer reporting – Centralised reporting to give you data such as; Customers joined to your loyalty program, customers that have purchased from you, and customers redeeming any incentives that you have recently sent out to them.
  • Customer rewards – Como Loyalty offers a range of incentives to increase customer return. These could include loyalty points, punch cards and many other alternatives.
  • Customer targeting – With the provided data, you are in control with the ability to target customers based upon their behaviour and sales.
  • Mobile app – Como Loyalty will create you a completely branded mobile app to reflect your business. This will ensure that your business is consistent across all platforms.
  • Real-time analytics – The integration will provide you with real-time data to ensure any decisions can be based on accurate data.

If you are interested to see how an integration with Como Loyalty could help benefit your business please get in touch by ringing us on 0174 323 297 or contact us.

A season at Paultons Park!

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After a busy season at Paultons Park we thought we would take some time to reflect on how the season has gone since their installation of their brand new EPOS

Paultons Park, one of the leading theme parks in the UK, have over 60 rides and attractions reaching speeds of 40mph and heights of 25 metres. Since Peppa Pig’s arrival in 2011 and the dinosaur themed Lost Kingdom in 2016, Paultons Park are growing and they needed an EPOS system to match.

The end of the year, 2016, marked some big changes for the team at Paultons Park, with the decision to upgrade their entire EPOS system. This was a big task for everyone involved but was the beginning of an exciting challenge upgrading over 70 terminals across 28 branches.

The key requirements for the EPOS upgrade included: an upgrade of 70 terminals, an integration with Sage 200, the ability to do discounts and promotions throughout the season, advanced reporting, Omniticket integration, synchronised stock and all tills linked to one system.

SBS EPOS deployed KCPOS (of which we are a gold partner), to able to support the needs of the retail and catering outlets with just a single software package. Some of the features of the software included:

  • Season ticket integration with Omniticket to ensure that all season ticket holders will have special discounts throughout the outlets and in the retail shops.
  • User permissions to give different staff levels the appropriate permissions on both the POS software and the Back Office software.
  • Logwood Kitchen Video integration, allows the catering staff in the kitchens of the fast food outlets to be alerted of all orders and will also prompt the staff of when an order has changed priority to urgent.
  • Table number prompt for the catering outlets to assist the kitchen and waiting staff
  • Stock modifiers to give the users a chance to upsell with a prompt to upgrade the meal as well as prompt for meal options such as drink choices.
  • Bespoke reports to provide information such as; the promotions usage report, time zone report to show the sales figures per hour during the trading day, warehouse transfer report and the tax sales report per till, branch or a complete summary of all.
  • KC Dashboards provide online reporting supplying easily accessible information for users with the appropriate permissions.

Paultons Park are ever expanding, and are taking on new projects. The 2018 season is no different, with the world’s first Peppa Pig theme park attraction set for expansion, adding 2 new rides to make a new total of 9 rides. We wish the team at Paultons Park the best of luck with their 2018 adventures and look forward to continue working and supporting them.


Happy New Year!

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Happy new year from everyone at SBS EPOS!

2017 had some big moments for the team at SBS EPOS with Hayley and James completing their respective apprenticeships to become full time employee’s, we welcomed Linda to the Accounts Department and our Support Engineer, Derek, found out he was expecting his first child, due in February 2018 so not long now! Reflecting on the New Years resolutions we set at the beginning of 2017, Business Director, Dave, successfully completed his ambition of raising more money for UK charities with an 18 mile charity walk he completed for The Joe Glover Trust.

Our Support Manager Steve, who set the task in 2017 of ‘getting fit’ is still attending his local gym most evenings and has even started running. Steve has now set himself the task of completing a half marathon in 2018.

Accounts administrator, Linda, has set the resolution to have a less stressful 2018 and enjoy the year, a resolution which we are sure many will want to adopt.

Let us know If you are planning any New Years resolutions for 2018 or if you were able to stick to your 2017 resolution.

Christmas Jumper Day 2017

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Christmas Jumpers 4

Christmas Jumper Day is a special day with thousands of people digging out their festive knits for Save the Children. The team at SBS EPOS were no different with everyone donating to wear their wonderful (and slightly bonkers) woolly jumpers. It was a great day that was also topped with some yummy treats in the Christmas Bake Off! Every member of staff was challenged to make a festive themed bake.


Christmas bakes


Our Bake Off consisted of; 12 cheese puffs, 11 sausage rolls, 10 iced biscuits, 9 rocky road pieces, 8 Christmas pasties, 7 pieces of cherry sponge cake, 6 pieces of chocolate cake, 5 cherries, 4 cheese puff Christmas trees, 3 packets of maltesers, 2 packets of shop brought pastry and a single baked potato!




Sage Business Partner

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Here at SBS EPOS, we are pleased to announce that we are now a Sage Business Partner. As a Business Partner, we are fully accredited to provide Sage solutions.

Integrating your EPOS software with Sage has many benefits for your business including: reduced administration, remove the need for double entry, the ability to transfer products, pricing, stock, customers and suppliers to the EPOS software.

Sage 50 have just released Version 24, with some of their new features including:

  • Go-Cardless integration – Sage 50 Accounts, version 24 is now integrated with Go Cardless, a direct debit company
  • The ability to hide nominal and bank accounts by making them inactive
  • Payment runs excluding direct debit payments
  • Enhanced bank feeds

If you are interested in seeing how integrating with Sage Accounts could benefit your business please contact us on 0845 094 8268 or contact us.

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

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SBS EPOS are pleased to be taking part in Christmas Jumper Day, an event where all over the country, on the 15th of December, thousands will be putting on their favourite Christmas jumper to raise money for Save the Children. We are all looking forward to seeing the variety of silly and wonderful jumpers in the office!

Making the world better with a sweater.


Continuing with our Christmas celebrations, we are having a Bake Off where every member of staff is challenged to make a Christmas themed bake.

Keep your eyes peeled throughout December to see our Christmas knits and our various bakes. I think it is fair to say that none of us are overly practiced bakers so it should make for some interesting pictures. Make sure you check them out on our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.



Gift Aid Integration Benefits

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Always ensure your data is fully compliant for submission to the HMRC with our Gift Aid Integration. This electronic Gift Aid solution, will remove any need for paper based forms, as all Gift Aid information is prompted for and taken on the POS terminal.

Gift Aid2


  • Data capture prompt – Gift Aid can be set to automatically prompt on admissions tickets to ensure that an opportunity to promote the donation of Gift Aid is never missed. The fields required for Gift Aid admission are set to compulsory so users cannot accidentally miss the needed information.
  • Real-time reporting – Accurate Gift Aid data reports are always accessible so that the data is always available for submission to the HMRC. The specific Gift Aid report can be run by date range so that you can always produce the data required.
  • Post code look up – Ensure that you always have the accurate address fields by searching for the customers post code using our post code look up function. This will therefore automatically fill in the rest of the address lines making sure that the address is correct, this also reduces opportunity for user error.
  • HMRC compliant – Customised wording and declarations printed on the customer receipt, as well as mandatory fields on the data capture form mean that your Gift Aid claims will always be compliant with the HMRC.


Accounts Integration

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Accounts integration blog image

Integrating your EPOS software with your accounts package has many benefits that are worth noting.

  • Reduced business administration – In a busy working environment anything to save double entry and reduce administration has to be a good thing. Without an integrated system, how do your sales figures make their way into your accounts package? You have to enter them manually…this is time consuming and can also expose opportunity for user error. With an integrated system, however, these trading figures are transferred from your EPOS software into your accounts package automatically.
  • Charge to customer accounts – Due to the synchronisation with your accounts package, all customer accounts are accessible on the till software. This means that you can view the account balance and account status as well as any special pricing for that customer. Sales can be charged to the account, which can be later settled at the till software.
  • In depth reporting – With a range of reports accessible on both the epos software and your accounts package you will always be able to view accurate reporting figures.
  • Stock synchronisation – Remove any chance of over promising stock with your stock levels fully synchronised. This will mean that when originally setting up the system, the stock levels from within your accounts software, are sent across to your EPOS software. This integration will also mean that when stock is sold on the till, the figures are transferred back across to the accounts package so everything is kept up to date.
  • Automatically email invoices – A full VAT invoice can be set to send to your account customer’s preferred email address at the point of sale. This will therefore save you from having to post the invoice manually. The invoice is custom made so can be designed to match the invoice that you currently use in your accounts package as much as possible.

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