Circus Starr

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circus starr announcement

Circus Starr is known as the circus with a purpose…

Founded in 1987 Circus Starr features world class attractions and tours all over the UK yet they work for no profit at all. Instead they provide thousands of seats for disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children so they can escape for one day to the magical world of the circus. SBS EPOS are proud to have been involved with this great organisation for the past 3 years donating tickets for the event. There is no exception this year as we are pleased to donate more tickets to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Circus Starr.


Exciting New Features in V3

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version 3 updates

An exciting new development has just launched here at SBS. Version 3 has arrived and has many changes that are worth talking about.

  • Theme design allows for cosmetic as well as practical changes to be done to the till. This can help to make the till a lot simpler to use by removing transaction keys that aren’t actually needed. If your business doesn’t take card then why have a card button? Editing the theme to suit you and your business will only make it more simple for the till users.
  •  An inbuilt ticketing system has been created that gives the till complete control of setting up season tickets as well as handling admission. These can be made and redeemed at the POS as well as printing specifically designed tickets at the receipt printer. Customers can also be assured that if they lose their ticket you can search for their account in the database using their details at the till.
  • The ability to create refund reasons and discount reasons saving the till user time and data input at the point of sale.
  • DigiTicket Integration is a brand new integration that allows for tickets to be bought online and redeemed at the POS. This integration also benefits from real-time reporting which can allow for users to check on visitor numbers and the sales of certain events throughout the day.
  • Charging credit to a gift card is now supported within the software. This means that gift cards can now be used to pay off transactions. These can be topped up at the till by adding a button onto the till layout which will then prompt you for the amount you wish to add to the card.



If you are interested to see how Version 3 could benefit your Museum or Visitor Attraction or if you want to hear about all the other exciting features in this software update then please get in touch either by ringing 0845 094 8268 or contact us.



Partnership with Verifone

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verifone logo

Our latest partnership with Verifone allows us to offer an additional EPOS card processing integrated solution alongside our existing partnership with YesPay International. The move was pushed by clients requiring integrated solutions within the hospitality industry and Verifone’s Bill Manager allows this to happen.

The Bill Manager software resides on a single EPOS terminal and acts as the server between till transactions, table balances and the credit card terminal itself. At the push of a button the table balance can be requested from the EPOS terminal at which stage the waiting staff can prompt for gratuity (if required) and process payment at the table.

Integrated EPOS credit card processing has the following benefits:

  • No double entry of amounts
  • No miss-keying bills
  • Point to Point Encryption
  • Integrated with EPOS
  • Processing over a broadband connection
  • Bluetooth and WiFi models available
  • Web based reporting

Introducing Wireless Ordering

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wireless ordering


Wireless ordering allows you to extend the reach of your business by offering mobile point of sale.

Orders are processed in real-time at the table, allowing you to print to a kitchen or dispense printer, store a tab and even print the customer’s bill ready for payment.

Imagine the scenario you have a glorious hot day and the garden is full with customers, why not grab a mobile terminal and upsell some drinks? Or maybe you could have a waiter attending to tables to upsell those desserts and coffee’s?

Professional Image
Concentrate on customer service by spending less time writing dockets and running to and from the kitchen. Orders are processed wirelessly, allowing staff can move from table to table and keep on selling!

The wireless ordering is integrated into your existing EPOS system. This allows you to make a change at a till point, which in turn will update the devices.

Exhibiting @ Museums + Heritage Show 17th & 18th May

Posted on April 28, 2017 by

SBS EPOS will be at Olympia West, London Stand H1 on the 17th and 18th of May 2017.

It’s a great opportunity to talk to us about how we can provide a complete end to end solution for Museums and Visitor Attractions.

With complete integration from selling a ticket online, validating at POS and posting this into your accounts package, you can truly maximize your revenues whilst dramatically reducing manual administration.

SBS EPOS @ Museums Heritage ShowKey features:

  • Integration with leading accounts packages: Sage 50, Sage 200, Access, Opera and Exchequer
  • Gift Aid capture and HMRC compliant reporting
  • Stock and purchase order management
  • Integration with DigiTickets for online ticket sales and events management

You can download a copy of the show preview to give you an insight into what to expect and why you should attend here.


Latest Integration With Digitickets

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digiticket integration final logo

Recently we have teamed up with Digitickets to provide a solution for the customers online and onsite ticketing experience. Digitickets offer an online ticketing software that links down to the POS allowing customers to purchase their ticket online at any time and redeem it onsite with the use of a barcode or booking number.

  • Season Tickets
  • Events and Bookings
  • Real-time Reporting

Digitickets offer a vast variety of different reports as default covering Gift Aid to Daily Admissions. These can include reports as specific as staff sales per day or a report detailing which tickets are most popular. These reports are all completely synchronised with the till so there is no need to wait to check on how sales are going.

There are also features for creating events allowing you to set up events with different sessions and different capacities. The session sales can be tracked on Digitickets and this is also reflected on the till so there is no risk of over booking an event.

“With the ability of scanning the ticket barcode to allow entry this will save a considerable amount of time upon entrance and will avoid queues building up creating a better experience for the customer.”

As well as events and day tickets season ticket passes can also be made. Membership tickets are created online and can be set to expire in a fixed term or per the amount of redemption’s. You can also track how often the members are using their ticket and see if they attend any of the events.

National Apprenticeship Week

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As it is National Apprenticeship Week we thought that we would spend a bit of time taking a look at our apprentices and see how they are getting on…

Hayley recently passed through her Level 2 Business Admin Apprenticeship whilst James is only a month from finishing his Level 2 Intermediate IT qualification.


Hayley: It really has been a great introduction into full time working life. It is quite nice to go from college to an apprenticeship as you get to mix the education that you are used to with full time employment. I had a few hours in the working week to keep up together with my coursework and had regular visits from the college to make it as easy as possible.

James: It has been a great learning experience in both a working environment and an educational environment. I have been able to use the skills I have been learning from my apprenticeship to help aid with tasks I have been given in the job. I look forward to completing the apprenticeship and my future here at SBS. 


There are some very encouraging statistics surrounding apprenticeships at the moment with it being proven there has never been a better time to become an apprentice. Within the UK there are up to 28,000 apprenticeship vacancies and with 77% of apprentices staying with their employer it really backs up the statement that the apprentice scheme is just growing stronger.


Happy New Year from the team at SBS EPOS

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happy new year


If you’re anything like us, you’ll have mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions. In the UK, 33% of Britons make New Year’s resolutions every year, but a huge 63% of those fail to keep them, with the majority not even making it past the first month!

As you know, the team at SBS EPOS are always up for a challenge, so we decided to come up with some New Year’s resolutions ourselves for 2017. (Whether we stick to them is another question!)

Our Technical Support Engineer, James, has kicked off his ‘getting fit’ regime by running during the week, whilst our Support Manager, Steve, has taken the plunge to join his local gym. If you didn’t think that was impressive enough, he’s attended every single day (apart from weekends) this year!

As for our Director, Dave, he’s taking a less generic approach to New Year’s resolutions and aiming to raise money for a number of charities in the UK. Last year, Dave and his 2 daughters attended a variety of charity expeditions to help raise funds for Children in Need, and although nothing has been planned for 2017, Dave and his family will be ‘stepping it up’ this year.

SBS EPOS have been supporting the Joe Glover Trust for a number of years, and have so far raised nearly £1000 for the amazing charity. For 2017, the team have decided that our ‘group’ New Year’s resolution will be to smash our previous yearly fundraising targets for the trust. Stay tuned to find out how we get on!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Have you been able to stick to it so far? Let us know!

SBS EPOS will be supporting the Joe Glover Trust for Christmas Jumper Day!

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With Christmas on the horizon, the SBS EPOS team are ready to get their festive (and slightly ridiculous) Christmas knits out, all in aid of the Joe Glover Trust.


On the 16th December, the SBS EPOS team will be celebrating our annual Christmas Jumper day and donating £100 to the charity.

The Joe Glover Trust – which has been supported by SBS EPOS for the last year – are dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of children and their families affected by cancer. You can find out more about this fantastic charity here.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days to see our fancy festive knits. Make sure you check out the pics on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!

Director, Dave Stevens, attends Parliamentary meeting for Speedway

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dave and diane


As part of our significant involvement in Speedway, SBS EPOS Director, Dave Stevens, was delighted to attend the fourth annual All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Motorcycle Speedway at the Houses of Parliament last Wednesday.

SBS EPOS was invited along with the Isle of Wight Warriors, as team sponsors, to showcase the motor sport. The function was attended by MPs, promoters, management teams, riders, the press and guests.

Following the function, Dave was given a private tour of the Houses of Parliament, including the House of Commons. We were also delighted to be able to meet up with the current under 16 British Speedway Champion – Kyle Bickley, just one of the riders sponsored by SBS EPOS.



SBS EPOS are delighted to be sponsoring Speedway for another consecutive year. You can find out more about our involvement with the motor sport here.


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Supporting The Joe Glover Trust

We have partnered with The Joe Glover Trust and will be making a donation for each box of consumables sold amongst other on-going activities.

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