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Recently we have teamed up with Digitickets to provide a solution for the customers online and onsite ticketing experience. Digitickets offer an online ticketing software that links down to the POS allowing customers to purchase their ticket online at any time and redeem it onsite with the use of a barcode or booking number.

  • Season Tickets
  • Events and Bookings
  • Real-time Reporting

Digitickets offer a vast variety of different reports as default covering Gift Aid to Daily Admissions. These can include reports as specific as staff sales per day or a report detailing which tickets are most popular. These reports are all completely synchronised with the till so there is no need to wait to check on how sales are going.

There are also features for creating events allowing you to set up events with different sessions and different capacities. The session sales can be tracked on Digitickets and this is also reflected on the till so there is no risk of over booking an event.

“With the ability of scanning the ticket barcode to allow entry this will save a considerable amount of time upon entrance and will avoid queues building up creating a better experience for the customer.”

As well as events and day tickets season ticket passes can also be made. Membership tickets are created online and can be set to expire in a fixed term or per the amount of redemption’s. You can also track how often the members are using their ticket and see if they attend any of the events.

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